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STARWHAL Name Change

Hey there, Earth-Dwellers,

Marvin's Mittens Steam Release Date!

Marvin is finally ready to greet you on Steam on December 17, 2014! We're excited that so many people will discover something to love in Marvin's winter wonderland. Go check out the page on Steam right now and add it to your wish list!

See you there!

Starwhal Steam Release Date Announced

We've announced the launch date for STARWHAL's full release on Steam! 

See you on September 29th.
<3 Breakfall

Over 1 Million Served

Wow! We're excited to share with you that STARWHAL: Just the Tip has had its 1 MILLIONTH unique visitor on starwhal.com.


Some numbers:

STARWHAL Announcements!

The Day of Starcraft

Last weekend a couple of Breakfall teamers went down to Toronto to go hang out with Sean "Day9" Plott and see the Starcraft world championships. 

First we spent some time with a friend of ours, Farid, who works for Ubisoft in Toronto. He has this amazing exhaustive list of all restaurants he's gone to since his start at the company. He was kind enough to bring us to some of the higher rated places (noted with more hearts in his cell phone), and crash in his place down town. Thanks, Farid!

Starwhal Gets a New Site

Woo! We've got a new, shiny version of Starwhal: Just the Tip website! We'll continue to keep it updated with all critical information about the title's release. 

Go check it out at starwhal.com!

Gamercamp Toronto

We're super excited that we were selected for this year's Gamercamp festival, held in Toronto from November 1st to 3rd. 

Right now we're preparing a shiny new version of Starwhal: Just the Tip for crowds on hand at the festival. It will be great to get people's feedback.

We'll see you in a few short weeks now!

Arcade Dreams

We're back from Fantastic Arcade in Austin, y'all! Jan and Jason went down to represent Breakfall and had a wonderful time with some amazing people. Not only were the game developers incredibly kind, so were the event staff and organizers. 

Check out the totally sweet arcade cabinet that was made for Starwhal: Just the Tip!

Redecorate Your Desktop

Here's a funky wallpaper-ized version of our Starwhal: Just the Tip promo poster. It comes in some common resolutions for your convenience!




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