Arcade Dreams

We're back from Fantastic Arcade in Austin, y'all! Jan and Jason went down to represent Breakfall and had a wonderful time with some amazing people. Not only were the game developers incredibly kind, so were the event staff and organizers. 

Check out the totally sweet arcade cabinet that was made for Starwhal: Just the Tip!

Some of our favorite game developers were on hand to play with us. Here's a shot of Jan, Jason, Rami Ismail and Phil Fish playing Starwhal right after the tournament was over. 

Also, we had a chance to meet Jerry Belich, the creator of The Choosatron machine. The Choosatron is a device that prints out your choose-your-own-adventure story on paper like a receipt. Whenever a choice needs to be made you select one of the numbers on the machine for your choice. We snapped a little shot of playing the Starwhal story by candle light!

Finally, we leave you with a shot of the super cool little trophy they gave us to bring back home. It's hand made with wood and if you put a light inside it the screen lights up in the dark!

We're so glad to have made some new friends and really hope to return next year!

p.s. We must say - Austin has some crazy food. We are already missing eating huevos rancheros for breakfast! (eating spicy foods with coffee is a new thing for us).