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Artificial Derp

We're testing AI! It's an interesting problem to solve and we've come some way. To test, we asked ourselves "what would happen if you put 18 computer controlled narwhals into a glass cage to fight to the death?"

The Indie Haven Podcast

This week Andrew and Jason were invited to hang out on The Indie Haven podcast. We had a great time talking about players getting kicked while playing the wonderful JS Joust, independent game development, marketing, and of course Narwhals in space!

Give it a listen here!


Smashy Smashy!

Brace for impact! We've been working on adding some more effects to drive home the impact of hard-hitting space Narwhal attacks. We're toying with cracked grids, glass shards, shattering cubes, and of course some amazingly crunchy sound effects to accompany. 

Note that none of this is final, but all of it is FUN!

Starwhal: Mini Update #1 - Death Animation

We're always looking into adding a coat of gloss to whatever we're working on. Sometimes to make something fun it's the difference between a static UI element and one that simply moves around a bit. 

This week we added some polish to our UI elements for the countdown and winner notices to make them feel more impactful. And we've been toying with a retro style dissolve for the loser narwhal here:

We currently use a white-hot outline as it starts to deteriorate into the vast nothingness of space.

First Marvin's Mittens release is complete!

That's right! Everyone at Breakfall is supremely proud to say we've completed and submitted Marvin's Mittens for publishing on the Desura platform. The game will be available for Windows on December 10th!

And now we take a well-earned day off to enjoy some hot cocoa while it rains quietly outside. Ahhhh - feels good!

Marvin's Mittens Goes Greenlight!

Marvin needs your help on Steam Greenlight! 



Check out Marvin and tell all your friends! Please give him some love with that squishy thumbs up button when you get the chance! 

Did we mention we love you all?


Another Peek At Marvin's Mittens

Finally another peek at Marvin's Mittens before it's released to you all. More details on that shortly. Enjoy!

Frosted Feud - Global Game Jam 2012!

We had another great year at the 48 hour insanity that is Global Game Jam! This year's theme was the Ouroboros Serpent image which we thought was highly creative change of pace.

We threw around a lot of ideas and then finally settled on the concept of two cupcakes trying to get to the basket by circling the globe, ultimately attempting to frost a baby cupcake with their preferred flavor. Give it a shot!

Ottawa International Animation Festival 2010

One of the best parts of having Breakfall in Ottawa is having access to the wonderful annual Ottawa International Animation Festival. It’s a five day romp through some of the best animated works in the world. After having attended this year’s festival, my mind is simply bursting with imaginative worlds and ideas! From great short films to new opening features like The Illusionist, a brand new work from Triplets of Belleville creator, there was certainly a mind-melting amount of cool stuff on display.

We Be Jammin'

We're excited to say we'll be attending this year's Global Game Jam in Ottawa. This year the event spans over 39 countries and 138 different locations. Essentially we have exactly 48 hours to produce a video game based on a theme given to us at the starting line.

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