We've announced the launch date for STARWHAL's full release on Steam! 

See you on September 29th.
<3 Breakfall

Wow! We're excited to share with you that STARWHAL: Just the Tip has had its 1 MILLIONTH unique visitor on starwhal.com.


Some numbers:

  • Over 1 million unique visitors.
  • Over 1.7 million visits. 
  • That means over 40% of people have decided to return for more STARWHAL action! 
  • Over 4 million page views.
Thank you so much to our dedicated fans around the world. You guys are so awesome it blows our faces off. For some extra cool news, we've announced the game is coming to Playstation with a post on the Official Playstation Blog!
We're excited to keep share with you guys more development stuff as we go forward. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for even more updates!



We are ecstatic! We are just full of joy. Available today, February 17th 2014, you will be able to play Starwhal: Just the Tip on Steam Early Access!

Click to check it out!

Steam Early Access is a way to play the game early while we are finishing up content and releasing more modes, levels, backgrounds, costumes, and more. You get to play before we officially release the game. How exciting is that?!

Here are some more details on what to expect.


We are happy to announce that STARWHAL: Just the Tip is coming to you on STEAM in early 2014! Also, we are coming to WiiU and PS4 (and possibly more!) as well!

Our Kickstarter is launched! Help us get a bigger, better STARWHAL to you on your console/PC of choice faster



Last weekend a couple of Breakfall teamers went down to Toronto to go hang out with Sean "Day9" Plott and see the Starcraft world championships. 

First we spent some time with a friend of ours, Farid, who works for Ubisoft in Toronto. He has this amazing exhaustive list of all restaurants he's gone to since his start at the company. He was kind enough to bring us to some of the higher rated places (noted with more hearts in his cell phone), and crash in his place down town. Thanks, Farid!

The next day we caught day 2 of the Starcraft World Championship Series at the Toronto Congress Center. It was so cool to be surrounded by people who were as excited to watch some competitive gaming matches as we were! 

Martin, Jason, and Angele watching final matches intently.

And here is a video of what it was like being in the crowd:

After the tournament day we met up with Sean (Day9) and Brit at their hotel and had a great time goofing around into the wee hours of the night. They were both level 60 giga-baller nerds with +20 charisma - Sean doing tons of great things for the competitive gaming community including running a show that teaches people to be better gamers (and people). Great to finally hang out with them in person! 

After hugs and imparting the secret Breakfall props-handshake, we drove back home to Ottawa and got home around 7 in the morning.

Great times <3


Woo! We've got a new, shiny version of Starwhal: Just the Tip website! We'll continue to keep it updated with all critical information about the title's release. 

Go check it out at starwhal.com!


We're super excited that we were selected for this year's Gamercamp festival, held in Toronto from November 1st to 3rd. 

Right now we're preparing a shiny new version of Starwhal: Just the Tip for crowds on hand at the festival. It will be great to get people's feedback.

We'll see you in a few short weeks now!


We're back from Fantastic Arcade in Austin, y'all! Jan and Jason went down to represent Breakfall and had a wonderful time with some amazing people. Not only were the game developers incredibly kind, so were the event staff and organizers. 

Check out the totally sweet arcade cabinet that was made for Starwhal: Just the Tip!

Some of our favorite game developers were on hand to play with us. Here's a shot of Jan, Jason, Rami Ismail and Phil Fish playing Starwhal right after the tournament was over. 

Also, we had a chance to meet Jerry Belich, the creator of The Choosatron machine. The Choosatron is a device that prints out your choose-your-own-adventure story on paper like a receipt. Whenever a choice needs to be made you select one of the numbers on the machine for your choice. We snapped a little shot of playing the Starwhal story by candle light!

Finally, we leave you with a shot of the super cool little trophy they gave us to bring back home. It's hand made with wood and if you put a light inside it the screen lights up in the dark!

We're so glad to have made some new friends and really hope to return next year!

p.s. We must say - Austin has some crazy food. We are already missing eating huevos rancheros for breakfast! (eating spicy foods with coffee is a new thing for us).


If you are following us on Twitter and/or Facebook you might have noticed that last month we entered Starwhal: Just the Tip into Fantastic Fest's Fantastic Arcade 2013. We're immensely excited to announce that we made it in, and better yet, we were picked to be a part of the 8 games chosen to be showcased in a custom made arcade cabinet!

Here's the official release:

If you are going to Fantastic Arcade 2013 or around the Austin, Texas area September 19-22 we urge you to stop by the Arcade and play these awesome games. A few Breakfall team members are planning to fly down so don't be shy, come over and talk.


Here's a funky wallpaper-ized version of our Starwhal: Just the Tip promo poster. It comes in some common resolutions for your convenience!