Frosted Feud - Global Game Jam 2012!

We had another great year at the 48 hour insanity that is Global Game Jam! This year's theme was the Ouroboros Serpent image which we thought was highly creative change of pace.

We threw around a lot of ideas and then finally settled on the concept of two cupcakes trying to get to the basket by circling the globe, ultimately attempting to frost a baby cupcake with their preferred flavor. Give it a shot!

How To Play:
-Press Space to start at the title screen.
-Attempt to circle the entire globe by using the arrow keys to move and jump. You play as the Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes. As you move, you start dropping your own crumbs, which are limited to the number indicated in the top. If you run out of crumbs you "die" and the other player starts. On the next turn for either player, those crumbs you dropped can be picked up! If you touch a crumb of your flavor you get two crumbs of stamina back. So try and dodge both hazards as well as the other player's crumbs while grabbing your own to eventually make it to the basket.
-Try it with a friend taking turns or challenge yourself to make it by playing both cupcakes.


We had a lot of fun making this. As you can tell it's not perfect (as we only had 48 hours!) but we were really happy with how it turned out. We got to see many amazing people and projects underway at the Jam and it really felt great to be among fellow game development nerds. We once again look forward to next year's contest.