Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Steam Release - September 29th, 2014 //// PS3 and PS4 - February 24, 2015 //////// Wii U - September 24th, 2015 ////////// Xbox One - December 9th, 2015

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Xbox One (December 9th 2015)


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The local multi-player space narwhal fighting game that has rocked the internet is finally ready for its big debut in a fully loaded release! Flop it out with 2-4 players in a retro, epic narwhal battle in space! The heart-piercing action is furious and unrelenting. STARWHAL will change your life. STARWHAL is a simulation of dreams in an ocean of the mind.


Inspired by countless couch-gaming gatherings over the decades, we wanted to bring something competitive, creative, and immediately fun to the table. Our original prototype was conceived and developed in 48 hours with focus entirely on these areas. From that came the phenomenon that is STARWHAL.


  • 4 player local multiplayer mayhem - 90+ costumes, 20+ arenas, and 4 game modes to duke it out with friends or AI players
  • 30+ single player Obstacle and Target challenges with leaderboards, ghost replays, and achievements
  • Successfully made it through Steam Early Access, shaping the game around the feedback from fans around the world
  • New radical graphic effects!
  • You can be a space narwhal wrapped in a burrito


Steam Release Trailer YouTube

Achievement Hunter Playing STARWHAL YouTube

Early Access Trailer YouTube


Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-41-33-778.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-39-14-923.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-43-18-445.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-42-20-056.png
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Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-52-17-757.png
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Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-47-13-869.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-54-42-633.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-48-24-306.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-40-21-343.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-42-44-214.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-49-04-551.png
Starwhal 2014-09-17 13-49-54-863.png

There are currently no logos or icons available for STARWHAL. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "Evolution 2014 - Official Selection" Las Vegas, 2014
  • "Best of E3 2014 - Best PS3 Game" Eyewave Games
  • "E3 - Sony and Nintendo selection and highlight." Los Angeles, 2014
  • "Fantastic Arcade - Official Selection" Austin TX, 2013
  • "Gamercamp - Official Selection" Toronto ON, 2013
  • "Wild Rumpus - Official Selection" London UK, 2013
  • "Prince of Arcade - Official Selection" Montreal QC, 2013
  • "Virgin Media Game Space - Official Selection" London UK, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Starwhal: Just the Tip is one of the best multiplayer games of the year, chaotic and intensely competitive"
    - Keza MacDonald,
  • "If Jacques Cousteau were here, he'd sh*t all over the floor"
    - Wiley Wiggins,
  • "Get a friend. Play this NOW. I'm laughing so hard."
    - Sean "Day[9]" Plott,
  • "This game is awesome"
    - Rooster Teeth - Achievement Hunter,
  • "This large hairless intergalactic aquatic mammal simulator will bring out the 'Ooo!', "Aaa!' and 'So CLOSE!' in everyone"
    - Ross Kenry O'Donovan (Distinguished Conductor of the Steam Train),
  • "Starwhal brings bloodthirsty neon space whales into an entirely new dimension, capturing the spirit of local co-op deathmatches like only a neon space whale can. We couldn't recommend it more."
    - Polaris,

Monetization Permission

Breakfall allows for the contents of STARWHAL to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from STARWHAL is legally & explicitly allowed by Breakfall. This permission can be found in writing at http://breakfall.ca/press/sheet.php?p=starwhal.

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Original Soundtrack
Available on mikeok.bandcamp.com.

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About Breakfall

We're a group of independent game developers who want to create new and exciting interactive works. We are guided by the principle that independent developers are free to be daring in design, and sometimes being simple is daring. Armed with nostalgia for the games of yore and a sense of amazement at the tools available to indie developers nowadays, we're hoping to make something unmistakably crafted by, and for, love of the game. We hope to inspire other independent developers, just as we've been inspired by the output of other individuals and small groups.

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Jan Kozlowski

Angele Desjardins

Andrew Jobin

Mike Keogh
Sound Design and Music

Mark Pintar

Jason Nuyens


Breakfall Contact - Please direct Steam key requests to https://www.keymailer.co/




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