STARWHAL is everywhere! What's next?

Hey, whoa… Breakfall had a blog? Let’s get some fresh air in here.

Where are we these days?

STARWHAL is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U. Every entertainment device in your home that we at Breakfall deemed relevant. (Sorry to all the Atari Lynx fans out there.) It’s not the game that modern consoles deserve, but it is the one they need. It took a while but we made it happen.

The original version of STARWHAL was made back in January of 2013 at Global Game Jam. Lots of fun was had, many narwhal hearts were pierced, and we ended the weekend with a neat little game. It wasn’t our first rodeo - we’d made neat little games we were proud of for several Game Jams in years past, so we were used to the idea of just making these sorts of things for fun and them not going anywhere beyond that. With that notion in mind, we joked about the idea of STARWHAL taking off and selling 50,000 copies, which was a wild, inconceivable number.

And then you came, you saw, you flopped around, and it was good. You all played the crap out of the STARWHAL demo on the site, told your friends, and watched people on Youtube yell at each other. Many of you backed us on Kickstarter, and supported us by buying the game when it was finally released on the platform of your choice.

For this you have our unstabbed heartfelt thanks!

As you may have already guessed, it’s been a while since we passed that wild, inconceivable 50K copies of STARWHAL sold. We didn’t make enough money to allow everyone on the team to buy a pet narwhal - but we did make enough that Breakfall is still around as a studio and we get to try making another game. A lot of games out there are doing bigger and badder sales, but to us getting on these consoles and selling some copies was definitely a big “Achievement unlocked.”

Lately we’ve been working on something new, and it’s totally, totally rad. It may not make you cry, but it’ll definitely make you laugh. It’ll also test your speed, power, and accuracy. It’s all about... well, you’ll find out very soon.

Like, super soon.

Ok, it’s about pizza.

But that’s only half of it.

Pizza Titan Ultra

We’re gonna blog more about stuff in development. Stay tuned and follow our social media for a drip feed of random nonsense from game dev life.

Thanks for all the support!