Starwhal, Beyond the Game

Starwhal: Just the Tip has been getting an amazing amount of positive response, more than we had imagined when we first were playing around with grey capsules in the first couple hours of Global Game Jam 2013. Since then we've been getting a steady flow of players to the site, featured on Rock Paper Shotgun and, and made appearances to multiple gaming events. It's a bit late to highlight some of these events but I don't see the harm in it.

Dirty Rectangles
We made our first public appearance at a local indie game event where we showed off, for the first time, 4 player narwhal action. Everyone was very receptive and if you are ever in the Ottawa area you should definitely check out one of their monthly meetups.


Wild Rumpus

The Wild Rumpus
Indie games on a boat, what more can I say. We were approached and asked if we wanted Starwhal to showcase in one of their events. We were super thrilled and if it weren't for the event being in London we would have loved to have been there. We were beside big wigs like Samurai Gunn, Johann Sebastian Joust, Towerfall, Nidhogg, and a live preformance by Chipzel. Just from looking at the pictures it looked like it was a blast. Check out this sweet reel.


Ottawa International Game Conference
We managed to slip into the 2nd annual OIGC held in our hometown of Ottawa. We got a sweet demo booth to showcase Starwhal in all it's glory. Thousands of industry professionals, students, and gamers got to duke it out narwhal a narwhal in the best way, in person. Because we were manning the booth we were able to talk to fans both old and new. We got a huge amount of happiness and pride watching people enjoy Starwhal and we hope to continue improving the game and do more of these events.


Wonder Geeks Activate! 3: Retro-Active
With that all out of the way we are proud to announce that Starwhal will be showcasing in the third Wonder Geeks Activate! event. The event will showcase art, music, and games that throwback to the 80s and 90s. If you're in town and 19+ years of age, stop on by, come talk to us, and most importantly play some Starwhal.