Starwhal: Just the Tip - Global Game Jam 2013

Another year another Game Jam and team Breakfall (with guest star Developer X) were beckoned to another 48hr crunch.

This year we were given the theme in the form of an audio clip. After a puzzling couple seconds we figured it out to be the sound of a heart beating and we were off.

We've made a game about a philandering clay king, a crazy trigger happy panda, and cute cupcakes locked in a tasty feud, but this time we wanted to make a game that was incredibly simple,  purely fun, and competitive. Eventually we came to the idea of dueling narwhals in space, wrapped in an old 80's look.

So grab a friend and try it out!
Game Jam Version:
Current Version:

Follow the updates via Twitter @StarwhalGame as we hope to be adding new features.

Here are a few images:


Well that was weird...

Looks like there was a little bug or something and we somehow lost all of the comments on this post. We appologize for this but rest assured that we have not forgotten your helpful comments.

As the post explains you can follow us on Twitter for any updates to the project and you can ask questions there too.