As seen in Edge Magazine!

Well, ok, more "mentioned" than "seen". But wow, did Randy Smith ever have some kind words about Marvin in the March issue of Edge, which, really, is a pretty spectacular (if not the very best) gaming magazine.

The article talks a bit about what it is to be indie - something Jason and other Breakfallers have had more than a few conversations about. Is it fighting the good fight to see games get made that otherwise would not? Is it a question of scope, of risk, of who your financial backers are? Whatever it is, he puts Marvin up there with some indie projects he feels exemplify the spirit of rebelling against status quo by putting creativity first and being arty, niche or unconventional.

From the article:

"Marvin's Mittens... looks like a game and quacks like a game but by rejecting dogmas about goals and score is instead an experiential art piece which beautifully captures nostalgic childhood memories of playing in the snow."

Then in the picture below the article, Marvin was put in a lineup of characters from such classics as Minecraft, Half Life and Braid. Quite the compliment!

Clearly, Randy really "got it", both our goals of subtractive design and charming nostalgia. I hope the game lives up to his expectations. We did some cooool stuff this weekend, but nothing I want to share - we need to keep a few surprises in there for you!