Marvin's Mittens - What Is It?

At its core, Marvin's Mittens is a 2D platformer that encourages a lot of exploration and collection. The story is about a boy whose mitten is stolen by a mysterious and fast-moving mitten thief, and then gets magical powers in his quest to unite his mittens. He explores the natural landscape beyond his backyard in a light, whimsical adventure that features a lot of running, jumping and tobogganing over the hills, through tunnels, into the treetops and more. The game is meant to be simple enough that anyone can play it, but full of hidden spots and special areas that require skill and exploration to reach. The design is one that at first seems very minimal, but there are many details and carefully balanced elements in both the game mechanics and levels. But ultimately, it's a game we hope people will become immersed in and have an extremely relaxed experience with. It's a game meant to be satisfying, but also calming to play.