Marvin Complete Playthrough!

Marvin's Mittens is in the home stretch. Levels are being tuned and getting a final art pass, audio is having some wrinkles ironed out, and Jason is slashing his way through our bug list without pity or remorse. While little niceties and fresh art assets are still being added periodically, the team hit an important milestone yesterday: I played through the whole game in release mode, start to finish!

In dev mode, you can skip levels, cheat and generally have a bunch of ways to get wherever you need to, even if some levels are broken or incomplete. Playing release mode without cheating, I was able to start with our intro cutscene, and play through all the way to the credits yesterday afternoon. So the game's not totally finished, but it's in a playable state, which is a claim I'm very proud to be able to make.

It's still going to be a bit of race to release Marvin before the snow melts (to meet our lofty goal of getting it out into the world this winter), but it's looking doable. Hopefully we can get some playtesting going very soon to make sure it's still as good as we think it is, and from there, we'll be in a good spot to get YOU playing the game very, very soon!

Happy New Year!