We're back from Fantastic Arcade in Austin, y'all! Jan and Jason went down to represent Breakfall and had a wonderful time with some amazing people. Not only were the game developers incredibly kind, so were the event staff and organizers. 

Check out the totally sweet arcade cabinet that was made for Starwhal: Just the Tip!

Some of our favorite game developers were on hand to play with us. Here's a shot of Jan, Jason, Rami Ismail and Phil Fish playing Starwhal right after the tournament was over. 

Also, we had a chance to meet Jerry Belich, the creator of The Choosatron machine. The Choosatron is a device that prints out your choose-your-own-adventure story on paper like a receipt. Whenever a choice needs to be made you select one of the numbers on the machine for your choice. We snapped a little shot of playing the Starwhal story by candle light!

Finally, we leave you with a shot of the super cool little trophy they gave us to bring back home. It's hand made with wood and if you put a light inside it the screen lights up in the dark!

We're so glad to have made some new friends and really hope to return next year!

p.s. We must say - Austin has some crazy food. We are already missing eating huevos rancheros for breakfast! (eating spicy foods with coffee is a new thing for us).


If you are following us on Twitter and/or Facebook you might have noticed that last month we entered Starwhal: Just the Tip into Fantastic Fest's Fantastic Arcade 2013. We're immensely excited to announce that we made it in, and better yet, we were picked to be a part of the 8 games chosen to be showcased in a custom made arcade cabinet!

Here's the official release:

If you are going to Fantastic Arcade 2013 or around the Austin, Texas area September 19-22 we urge you to stop by the Arcade and play these awesome games. A few Breakfall team members are planning to fly down so don't be shy, come over and talk.


Here's a funky wallpaper-ized version of our Starwhal: Just the Tip promo poster. It comes in some common resolutions for your convenience!






We're testing AI! It's an interesting problem to solve and we've come some way. To test, we asked ourselves "what would happen if you put 18 computer controlled narwhals into a glass cage to fight to the death?"


This week Andrew and Jason were invited to hang out on The Indie Haven podcast. We had a great time talking about players getting kicked while playing the wonderful JS Joust, independent game development, marketing, and of course Narwhals in space!

Give it a listen here!



Brace for impact! We've been working on adding some more effects to drive home the impact of hard-hitting space Narwhal attacks. We're toying with cracked grids, glass shards, shattering cubes, and of course some amazingly crunchy sound effects to accompany. 

Note that none of this is final, but all of it is FUN!


The long overdue 'Games' section to our webspace is finally up for everyone to enjoy. You can now see all the games the Breakfall team worked on since we banded together. Both larger games, like Marvin's Mittens, and smaller Game Jam type games are at your finger tips.

We cannot wait to make the list longer in the future.


We are happy to announce that Marvin's Mittens is now in the IndieBundle.org's Kids & Charity Bundle.

10% of the revenue generated from the purchasing of the Kids & Charity Bundle will be donated to the most voted kids charity.

If you have children or are a child at heart please check out this bundle.


IndieCade is just around the corner and we are working steady to submit what we have. Because of this we less focused on features and more about peoducing a solid bug free build.

On the side we messed around with the noise map on the death animation to see different effects in action. It's definitely not final but here's a little preview of what we currently have:


We're always looking into adding a coat of gloss to whatever we're working on. Sometimes to make something fun it's the difference between a static UI element and one that simply moves around a bit. 

This week we added some polish to our UI elements for the countdown and winner notices to make them feel more impactful. And we've been toying with a retro style dissolve for the loser narwhal here:

We currently use a white-hot outline as it starts to deteriorate into the vast nothingness of space.