Starwhal: Update #1

We're hoping to make this a more frequent thing since we've decided to stop releasing new features on the free web build of Starwhal and move into completing the game and then releasing it on various platforms.

First things first, we want to thank everyone that came out to the Wonder Geeks Activate 3 event last night. We got to show off our new build with a few new tweaks and features, met some crazy people, and overall had a great time. We hope to do more of these types of events.

Now quickly to the updates:

Webzone Facelift

No, you are not crazy! We did in fact have a bit of a "webzone facelift". It was more than 5 years ago that we quickly threw something up so that we could have a place to show off Marvin's Mittens and what was in development. Now with a few more games under our belt we found it was about time we polished things off. In the future we hope to deliver to you a seperate page to show off our library of games.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Starwhal, Beyond the Game

Starwhal: Just the Tip has been getting an amazing amount of positive response, more than we had imagined when we first were playing around with grey capsules in the first couple hours of Global Game Jam 2013. Since then we've been getting a steady flow of players to the site, featured on Rock Paper Shotgun and, and made appearances to multiple gaming events. It's a bit late to highlight some of these events but I don't see the harm in it.

Starwhal: Just the Tip - Global Game Jam 2013

Another year another Game Jam and team Breakfall (with guest star Developer X) were beckoned to another 48hr crunch.

This year we were given the theme in the form of an audio clip. After a puzzling couple seconds we figured it out to be the sound of a heart beating and we were off.

Marvin's Mittens Pre-orders Available on Desura!

Pre-order now and be ready to play on December 10th!

First Marvin's Mittens release is complete!

That's right! Everyone at Breakfall is supremely proud to say we've completed and submitted Marvin's Mittens for publishing on the Desura platform. The game will be available for Windows on December 10th!

And now we take a well-earned day off to enjoy some hot cocoa while it rains quietly outside. Ahhhh - feels good!

Breakfall On Facebook

We're still on track for our December 10th release of Marvin's Mittens on Desura, but if you want to follow developments as they happen, like us on facebook to stay on top of the latest news!

Recent Press on Marvin's Mittens

As we mentioned in our last post, Marvin's Mittens will be available for sale on December 10th 2012, at Desura.

Recently we have had some interviews about the game, as well as a fair number of very promising preview writeups of the game.

Previews of Marvin's Mittens:

Marvin's Mittens Gets a Release Date

Look for Marvin's Mittens on Desura on December 10th! We're still looking at Steam Greenlight, but for our fans who need Marvin for the holiday season, this will be your chance!

We also have a preview build available for press right now. Contact us if you want to preview our game!

We can't wait to get people playing Marvin's Mittens.

Marvin's Mittens Goes Greenlight!

Marvin needs your help on Steam Greenlight!

Check out Marvin and tell all your friends! Please give him some love with that squishy thumbs up button when you get the chance! 

Did we mention we love you all?


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