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Game Jam 2010 - Flimflam Fernandez!

Breakfall won Ottawa Game Jam 2010!!! There was some tough competition, and it was incredibly awesome to see all the other teams in action and watch all sorts of games get built over 48 hours! In one sense, it really is the case that everyone is a winner, because so much cool stuff was made that blew my mind.

Happy New Year!

Breakfall wishes our legions of fans a happy New Year! Just before the holidays we did a push to get some new art into the game and laid out our plans to keeping moving forward and finish Marvin's Mittens in 2010. It's a huge task, but we've made so much progress in the last couple of years, and the project and team have grown to such an extent that sometimes it's hard to believe how far we've already come.

Marvin's Mittens - First Screenshots

Here are the first screenshots of our game! Marvin is seen here up on his roof, sledding through the woods, and flying through an underground ice cave. You can see our unique style with hand-drawn characters and beautiful painted backgrounds, as well as alot of unique level layouts that are all completely custom polygons - not just made of simple tiles!

Music of Marvin's Mittens - Main Theme (mp3)

One goal of Marvin's Mittens since day one has been to strongly establish the atmosphere through music. Everyone at Breakfall appreciates how a strong soundtrack can take a gaming experience to the next level. For our first game, we want to bring together retro synth elements with upbeat orchestral arrangements. Here's an early version of the main theme medley, attached below.

Marvin's Mittens - What Is It?

At its core, Marvin's Mittens is a 2D platformer that encourages a lot of exploration and collection. The story is about a boy whose mitten is stolen by a mysterious and fast-moving mitten thief, and then gets magical powers in his quest to unite his mittens. He explores the natural landscape beyond his backyard in a light, whimsical adventure that features a lot of running, jumping and tobogganing over the hills, through tunnels, into the treetops and more.

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